Paris Ghostworld

The Paris ghostworld appears to look much like one would expect Paris did in the late-1700s twisted into a decayed and macabre mockery of those times. Much of the French Revolution left an imdelible mark upon the ethereal shadowy version of Paris. Many of the streets are still cobblestone and phantom peasants and other commoners scurry about as they did when they were alive.

The city is ruled by a wraith known only by the undead residents as the Black Countess. No ghost that wanderers the streets of Paris has even seen the court of the Black Countess within the bleak form of the Palace is guarded by the spirits of Musketeers and even more powerful specters of the Ghostworld.

Existence in ghostworld Paris much like an even more oppressive form of Les Misérables. The powerful spirits enjoy (or the closest the ghosts can) an almost tolerable existence on the souls of weaker ones. Entire portions of the city are fortified by the will of the ancient dead.

With the Nazi Occupation has come many ghosts of bitter Germanic rivals to reignite former wars. Most notably the 30 Years War. Where the Nazis have made a semblance of peace with Martial Law in the physical world, on the plane of the restless dead all out war is being waged by the felled Teutonic warriors and cursed dead of the Napoleonic wars. Truely, a forgien spirit must

Paris Ghostworld

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