The Vampire Court of Paris

The world of the vampire is a strange one indeed. While a single vampire is a masterful super-predator, they cut from the cloth of humanity and as such are drawn to seek the company of other vampires. It seems that vampire society is highly stratified and has layers upon layers of etiquette and decorum to that must be strongly adhered to. The purpose of this behaviors seems to be two fold, one to keep the predatory nature of each other in check, and two, to root out any outsiders that may be attempting to hunt the hunters.

To the outside observer, vampiric society appears to be much like medieval royal court. At the highest position is the King or Queen of the Damned, as they call themselves, for the region of territory they control. Like ancient rulers, they must be strong or they will be destroyed. Surrounded by the King/Queen are advisers and enforcers of the King/Queen. These nobles divy out the hunting regions allowed to each vampire of the city to ensure that their population density does not become so high as to arouse suspicion. Because even a young very could easy defeat and kill a well trained soldier, even the most potent of ancient vampires is no match for an angry mob with a little knowledge of what evil they fight.

In Paris, The King of the Damned is one XXXXX XXXXXXX. He is currently content to allow continued Nazi occupation with no direct interference by the undead. While Martial Law has made hunting more dangerous for vampires if caught, it has also made it easier to make persons go missing. This decision have divided the Paris Court of the Damned. Loyalist agree with the King while dissenters quietly whisper their disapproval of foreigners controlling their home country in an odd sense of patriotism from the undead.

Known Members of the Vampire Court of the Damned are:
Andrea Bankcroft
Rene Harcourt

The Vampire Court of Paris

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