Supernatural Archetypes

Supernatural Archetypes

For this setting the players will be using the Super Powers Companion to build their characters. However, the first 10 Power Points as well many of the power the player may purchase are restricted to the Supernatural Archetype they select. The archetype gives the player character the foundation in which all other supernatural creatures of that type are built.

This includes mythical beasts from ancient legend such as Greek and Norse mythology to more recent stories of Bigfoot and Gremlins.

Fairy Folk
Spirits and Sprites from a dimension known Glamour or Nevernever.

The disembodied spirit of the dead unable to rest they require much effort to interact with the physical world.

Nye invincible men and women who can channel their mystical electrical energies to aid them in ‘The Game,’ a millennium old dueling tournament where only one Immortal can be victor.

The best that humanity can ofter they excel at all things but have no true powers.

Whether the re-animated pieces of several corpses, the human brain placed in an automaton or mechanically augmented super soldier, they are strong and tough creatures hard defeat.

While there a few special people who have psionic power all across the world, only the Soviets have put forth the funding for truly powerful mental powered individuals.

This includes all sorts of creatures and entities from beyond our dimension including devils, demons, and stranger things.

These are the reanimated corpses of the dead with thirst for the blood of the living.

A more power breed of lycanthrope than those of the Nazi Wehrwolf or Hexenwolf.

Weird Scientist
Men and Women whose understanding of Science allows them to create devices considered magic to most.

Mortals with such great understanding of the fabric of the universe as the be able to bend it to their will.

Supernatural Archetypes

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