Setting Edges

Edges from Weird War II

General Edges

These are Edges fro Weird War II that any character can take provided they meet the requirements.

College Boy
National Identity
Blood and Guts
Dig In! and Improved Dig In!
Grazing Fire
Liquid Courage
Mechanically Inclined
Party Member

Military Edges

The following Edge require the character have modern military training. The GM may allow the player to take any of the following if the player character has either a back story that it would be reasonably possible for the character to have learned.

Academy Graduate
A Few Good Men and A Few More Good Men
Art of War
Band of Brothers
Command Voice
Cry Havoc!
Death Before Dishonor
Demo Man
Fire for Effect
Hose ’em Down and Improved Hose ’em Down
Jump Qualified
Pickle Barrel
Radio Head
Rank (NCO or Officer)
Tank Hunter and Improved Tank Hunter

New Setting Edges:

Because this is a supernatural supers game there are a few more Edges that players may purchase. Most are Archetype specific.

Power Points: Novice, Seasoned, Veteran, Heroic, Legendary
Requirements: Rank of Power Points
This Edge allows the AB: Super Powers character to take an additional 5 Power Points to buy additional powers as listed by their archetype.

Setting Edges

Weird War II, Project: Monster Mash Doc_Acid