Rule Changes and Notes

Cover Fire: With a fully loaded weapon a character can lay down Suppressive Fire the entire round. The attack is make as per Suppressive Fire rules, however the Template is left on the map until the end of the round. Any character moving in or out must roll Spirit as well as any character taking an action within the Template. Additionally, Pistols can be used to place Cover Fire, but they only place a Small Burst Template. Regardless of the weapon, it uses 100 rounds of ammo or completely depletes the magazine (if less than 100 rounds) at the end of the round.

Double Handling: If a character wields a melee weapon with two hands that is not normally two-handed, they may ignore the Minimum Strength requirement and gain a + 2 to being disarmed (as per all two handed weapons). Additionally, they suffer a -1 to Parry.

Duel Wielding: A character wielding two weapons that cause Strength + d8 (or greater) or require a Minimum Strength of d8 (or greater). Suffer a -1 to Parry and Attack rolls in addition to any other penalties.

Jack of All Trades Edge: Characters with this Edge also receive a +1 to their Common Knowledge rolls.

Player Experience Pool: The players have a single pool of experience. At the start of the game session 1 xp per player is placed in the pool. During the course of the game additional points are added. At the end of the session all the xp is added up and divided (rounding down) and awarded to each player.

Tests of Wills: The +2 bonus can be yieldby by the character making the Test of Wills to another character within 6". Character’s with Common Bond or Command increase this distance to 12".

Rule Changes and Notes

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