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Setting Rules

All rules are bolted onto Weird Wars, Weird War II setting.

Arcane Backgrounds
All Player Characters start with the Super Powers Companion AB: Super Powers for free. They must select which Archetype for how those points my be spend. Additionally, Many of the Archetypes have the option to purchase the Arcane Backgrounds in the Savage Worlds Deluxe book (AB: Magic, AB: Psioincs, AB: Weird Science). Check the individual Archetype for which ones are available. Characters with this Edge cannot take most Edges from the Weird Wars II book without explanation and may only spend Character Creation Advances to do so.

Blood & Guts
Character can spend Bennies to re-roll damage as per the No Mercy Edge.

Born a Hero
Sans Tough As Nails, cannot take Bloodthirsty or Heartless Hindrances or have a generally villainous back story. The Free Edge (if Human) and Edges purchased with Hindrances may used to buy any Edge regardless of Rank requirement.

Any minion standing adjacent to a Wild Card villain may scarified to take the hit instead of the villain himself. This must be done before damage is rolled.

Guts Skill
The Guts skill is used for this game and the Sanity mechanics of Weird War II is not. All Archetypes have the ability to purchase the Power Fearless. Sidekicks and allies do not.

Characters start with only their native language. Additional Languages must be purchased with skill points. Characters who spend 1 point of the initial 15 points are considered fluent while after character generation can spend half an advance (other half must be spent on a skill lower than the associated Attribute) to know enough to get basic communication.

Rule Changes and Notes

Character Creation

Starting XP/Rank: 25/Seasoned
Starting Edges: Arcane Background: Super Powers from Super Powers Companion
Super Karma allowed but Major Hindrance must be tied to supernatural aspect

Supernatural Archetypes

The following link is a list of the types of supernatural creatures (called Arcanes) allowed for the players to play. They are all the ones that the Bureau of Arcane Defense consider potentially worthwhile to contract and train for their use. Other types of Arcanes are considered too dangerous for B.A.D. recruit.

Supernatural Archetypes

This setting borrows many Edges and Hindrances from the Weird War II source book as well as the Savage Worlds Deluxe book. Also listed is what skills are common to this setting as well as additional uses for the core skills.

Setting Hindrances
Setting Edges
Setting Skills

Current Events of 1941

A brief history and primer for the events leading up to the deployment of B.A.D. in to action. This game focuses on Nazi occupied Paris and what is occurred their recently.


Locations Within Paris

These are important locations in and around Paris that may become important during the course of the game.

The Central Islands
La Rive Droite
La Rive Gauche

Organizations in Occupied France

Occupied Paris is made of many organizations and factions each attempting to accomplish their agendas. Some are major forces (such as the Nazis) that hold power over all aspects of the city, while others are small secret societies attempting to muscle in where they can. Some faction are largely neutral to the occupation and have taken a stance of isolationism.

Bureau of Arcane Defense
Cult of the Iron Ring
French Resistance, Communist
French Resistance, Gaulist
Gegen Geist Gruppe
Nazi Forces
Paris Ghostworld
Seelie Court
The Six-Fingered Hand
The Sons of Science
Unseelie Court
The Vampire Court of Paris
Werewolves of Paris

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