Combat Wand of the Sophisians

Wand of Bolt


Range: 12/24/48
Damage: 2d6
RoF: 2
Duration: Instant
Shots: 18+2

This is a golden two pronged hair of virgins woven around them with 18 red rubies and to fiery orange diamonds. A fully charged wand fires 18 shots of 2d6 bolts and 2 shots of 3d6 Bolts of chromatic orbs of light with a successful Spellcasting roll. A failed roll still uses the charges, and a roll of a 1 on the Spellcasting results in the wielder automatically being shaken. This can cause a Wound. When the 2d6 orbs are fired a ruby disappears per bolt and a diamond with the 3d6.


With a successful roll of Knowledge: Occult reveals that one these wands are the ones wielded by Napoleon’s sorcerers the Sophisians. The sophisians wielded them in battle and became feared by all of Napoleon’s enemies.

Combat Wand of the Sophisians

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