Arc Weapon (Lighting Gun)

weapon (ranged)

Power Template: Burst
Range: Cone Template
Damage: 2d10+d6 electrical
RoF: 1
Weight: 20 lbs
Power Points: 2/Shot (Typically has 3d6 Points left on battery)
Notes: Roll Weird Science to turn on device and change batteries, Heavy Weapon

This weapon produces a continuous electrical arc that the wielder can use to strike all targets with in its area of effect. All Targets may make an opposed Agility roll vs. the wielder’s Shooting to take half damage. If this weapon is used against a metal target (such as a tank) it makes the target electrified doing 2d10 damage to anyone touching it including those inside.


Arc Weapon (Lighting Gun)

Weird War II, Project: Monster Mash Doc_Acid