Harlon Stenner

Commander of the Bureau of Arcane Defense, International Division, Europr Area


Harlon Stenner is the latest link in a long chain of military service to the United States ever since the first colony militia of Jamestown. His family has always had man actively serving in the defense of their home. Harlon was no different growing up surrounded by military life. After graduating with average marks at West Point the young officer found himself rather under equipped to command and succeeded mostly due to his family’s name.

Stenner recognizing his failing to the country he swore to defend positioned himself in places that would keep him out of the way of difficult posting and offices. However, the young officer became entangled in the Great War like millions of other young men.

Stationed on the supply lines far from the Western Front, Stenner hoped to avoid combat and make it back to the states. While he did manage to avoid the front lines he and his detachment suffered an onslaught worse than many in the trenches. The resident scrounger discovered an ancient French cave network complete with strange pictographs. He alerted the young officer Stenner who put together a small team to investigate. What they discovered haunts Stenner to this day in his nightmares.

During the exploration, the cave entrance collapsed trapping Stenner and six of his men. While they were armed, the creature that stalked was seemingly invincible. It killed all of his men and brought them back has undead mockeries of themselves hateful of the living. It was mere chance and luck that hiding spot that Harlon found after losing his sanity led to freedom.

Harlons Stenner’s career from then on was one of less than stellar positions. He was pushed to the far corners of the Army posts: Alaska, North Dakota, and worse. During this time he studied the Occult and often would investigate any odd occurrences. Over the decades he became an expert on the world of the arcane. So when the U.S. government setup up the Bureau of Arcane Defense, Stenner was promoted to Brigadier General and placed in command of the International Division, Europe Area command.

Harlon Stenner

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