Weird War II, Project: Monster Mash

Arkham Proving Grounds, Massachusetts

United States East Coast Secret Facility

Located in the deep woods northwest of the small city of Arkham on several square miles of land is the semi-secret miltary installation known as Arkham Proving Grounds. The post is less than three decades old and was according to local residents was put up nearly over night. Many claim the Army built the place after a bizarre occult ceremony was conducted to summon an ancient devil. Although, many think that these stories are simply are way to make the mundane Massachusetts countryside little more colorful than it really is.

While the post sits on a huge amount of acreage, the actual post located some 12 miles past the strong triple line fencing and Constantine wire with regular patrols is quite small. Other than one large concrete warehouse the other buildings are little more than shacks and Kwanzaa huts to serve the small detachment. The inner post is also surrounded by several fences that appear capable of halting the advance of a tank. At regular intervals are several wooden guard towers each armed with a large machine gun, bazooka, and several anti-armor explosives.

The most unusual structure is a giant warehouse that even to the layman seems over engineered. The outside the structure is simply a giant concrete structure dark gray in color with odd triangular buttresses but otherwise rectangular in shape. There are but three entrances that break the seamless exterior of the squat building. Two on either side are personnel sized doors composed on thick



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