Viva la RĂ©sistance

On the darkest nights when the sky is as black as sack cloth and the wind is completely still, the people of Nazi occupied Paris whisper tales of strange weapons and monstrous troops within the Axis’ forces. Men talk of stormtroopers that are dead yet still walk and tanks with guns that shoot lightning. Hope is becoming lost as many believe that no mortal army can stand against the force of Hilter’s arcane juggernaut of the werewolves, mad scientists, and necromancers.

All is not lost, the Allies have formed a top secret bureau to fight monsters—with monsters! The Bureau of Arcane Defense (B.A.D.) sends out its International Division, Europe Area (I.D.E.A.) seeks out the things that go bump in the night and recruits them to fight willing or not. You are a vampire, werewolf, wizard, or something more bizarre drafted into service to fight for the good mankind.

Trained on the enigmatic Arkham Proving Grounds in Massachusetts the Arcanes are taught how to function as team an work within a military organization. Here at basic training the Arcanes will get their first taste of what they enemy has cooked up to destroy the forces of the Allies. They will need to work as a team if they are succeed.

The B.A.D. I.D.E.A. put feet on the ground in Paris December 13, 1941 with the Americans declaring war upon Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Project Monster Mash is a go to aid the Allies against the twisted sorcery and technology brought to war by the Axis powers.

Weird War II, Project: Monster Mash

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